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Friendswood Bullet Co.

In 1998, we began supplying friends and PSC Shooting Club members with lead bullet heads near Houston in Friendswood, Texas. Due to the rapid increase in popularity of Cowboy Action Shooting and to the ever increasing cost of factory ammunition, it was decided that greater exposure to product was necessary. With this in mind, we started setting up at gun shows in Texas. In 2001, Friendswood Bullet Co. was born! 

Gun enthusiasts fearful of new weapon controls and alarmed by rumors of government hoarding are buying bullets practically by the bushel, making it hard for stores nationwide to keep shelves stocked and even putting a pinch on some local law enforcement departments.

At a 24-hour Walmart in suburban Albany, the ammunition cabinet was three-fourths empty this week; sales clerks said customers must arrive before 9 the morning after a delivery to get what they want. A few miles away, Dick's Sporting Goods puts up a red rope after ammunition deliveries so buyers can line up early to get a number, averting races up the escalator to the gun counter. Both stores are limiting ammunition purchases to three boxes a day.

In mid-January, two days after New York became the first state to toughen laws post-Newtown, hunter and target shooter Mark Smith spent $250 to stockpile ammunition, including $43 for a brick of 500 .22-caliber bullets, commonly used for target shooting and hunting small game.

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March 21, 2013

Magpul Industries confirmed that it would make good on its vow to leave Colorado if the governor signed the bill to limit ammunition-magazine capacity. The Erie-based company said on its Facebook page that it will start its transition “almost immediately.”

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Congragulations to Bill Barron for finishing 1st in CDP Expert at the AZ State IDPA Championship

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