.45ACP 200grain SWC

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.45ACP 200grain SWC Summary

45 ACP 200 Gr Semi WadCutter Shipping Weight 15 Lbs. Box of 500 Sized at .452

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1 product stars
Worst Customer Service - Joe Coyle - 01/24/2014
Ordered 1000 bullets in September 2013. Long story short: never returned emails, never shipped bullets, refused to cancel order, never refunded money. I too had to go through my bank to get my money back. Consider Everglades, top-notch customer service.

1 product stars
Never delivered - Fred - 01/08/2014
Placed an order for several thousand bullets, after two months nothing...would not return emails or phone calls. Had to contact Visa to get my money back. Will post poor service on all shooting forums.

1 product stars
Great bullets, poor customer service - Brannon - 11/14/2013
I ordered these back in July and the website said to expect 4 weeks for them to be delivered, it has now been well over three months and I still have nothing. I don't mind waiting but I also don't like being lied to. The 4 week notice is still up on the home page which to me is very dishonest. What else is very dishonest is the fact that I wrote a similar review a couple of weeks ago that has since been taken down twice now, no wonder all their products have five stars. I prefer to do business with honest companies and this is not one, I will never buy from them again.

5 product stars
USPSA - Michael Landrus - 08/07/2012
I have ran nearly 5000 of these bullets out of my heavly modified kimber during uspsa competitions and have never had a single problem. The compound is perfect as far as I can tell, because leading is non existent. They load smoothly in my progressive press and the lube does not flake off and get everywhere. By far the most clean consistent best shooting bullet I have fired in my. 45. Try a box today you will not be disappointed.

5 product stars
Very Satisfied - DRey - 02/16/2012
I've loaded 1,000 of my initial order of 2,000 .45ACP 200gr SWC bullets and I am back to order another 2,000. I am very pleased with the quality,performance and value of these bullets. I use them in my Les Baer, Ed Brown and SA for IDPA, USPSA and club shoots.

5 product stars
Shooting more, Thank You - Albert - 10/08/2011
Tried these in my Ed Brown, Wilsons, Springfield, Remington and they are fine shooters. Nice to be able to shoot as often as I like with the great price and quality of these bullets.

5 product stars
Good bullet - James WilsonDLIO - 09/24/2011
These are great quality bullets. I get excellent results with them in my Taurus PT845 with both Bullseye and AA#5.

5 product stars
.45 200 grain SWC - John Johnston - 12/08/2010
Bought 1000 of these not knowing how they would shoot in my Kimber Pro Carry. I've sent about 750 of these down range so far and if I had known then what I know now I would have purchased a pickup load. Thanks for making a great bullet at a good price and shipping them so quickly.One satisfied customer,John

5 product stars
45 auto 200 gr. swc - randall carpenter - 12/20/2009
i been a reloader for years and started back again when ammo started to be come hard to locate, i won a auction of these bullets and found them to be of the highest quality that i have ever used, will buy again from this company, i am sure of it...randall carpenter

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.45ACP 200grain SWC
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