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We sell precision accuracy premium quality hard cast lead bullets near Houston, Texas, in boxes of 500 ea. Our alloy is composed of 92% lead, 6% antimony & 2% tin with a Brinell Hardness Number of 18 from Lead Products Co., Houston. As a competitive pistol shooter you need a precision product that is consistent and performs well. We have your bullets! Our bullets have been used to set National records. Order your Hard Cast lead bullets from Friendswood Bullet Co. and start setting your own records. All products Ship insured USPS Priority Mail at the rate of $14.50 per 65lbs., which works out to 3000 bullets for all bullets weighting in at 140-grains or less or 2000 bullets weighing under 220-grains or less or 1500 bullets weighing over 230-grains or more. Please note that our shipping fee includes our personal guarantee that a lost shipment will be replaced with no hassle.  

If you are near Texas City look for our cast bullets at T's Guns & Ammo. If you are near North Houston look for our cast bullets at 10ring.com. Also look for us at all four Carter's Country locations.


Due to unprecedented demand we are experiencing a longer than normal ship time. Please allow 4 weeks for orders to be delivered. 

We appreciate your patience.

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